South View

Our nursery at South View is small homely environment that is registered for 40 children. We have four children’s room to suit our different age groups, here are our very experienced staff team and their role within the nursery.

Manager/SENCO: Vicky Daglish
Deputy Manager: Jan Murray

Cubs – ages 0-16 months

The children in this room are our youngest. We can hold 9 at a time in this room and the ratio is 1 nursery practitioner to 3 babies. In this room, we feel it is important to have the home from home feel. Our room is warm and cosy and each individual child’s routine from home is followed. We have various areas for the babies to sleep such as in the cot, cosy corner on the cushions or the pushchair, depending on the baby’s preference. The babies in this room are getting used to being with other people, other than their parents and are establishing relationships with others. At this age, we feel exploring the environment is important as babies have a strong exploratory impulse. We offer opportunities for the babies to explore sensory resources and have a sensory tent filled with lots of treasures as well as sand and messy areas. We sit in high chairs for meals and as the babies get ready for Koalas, we encourage them to feed themselves, giving them independence. Although the babies spend a lot of the day in this room, they also have an outdoor area specifically for this age range with sand, a text, ball pool and other areas to explore the outdoors. We also take the babies out on walks where possible to get fresh air throughout the day.

Koalas – ages 16 months-2 years

The children in this room are taking the next step in their development and most of them can now walk, being offered a lot of areas in which they can stand. In this room we introduce more areas for the children to explore and expand their play. We have a role play area, construction, messy area and a cosy area for the children to take time out when they need to. In this room the children are beginning to follow nursery routine when their friends sleep/eat, although we do appreciate some children have their own routines. The children sleep on sleep mats in this room and are beginning to learn table manners whilst sitting at the table for meals with their friends. Children have access to the outdoor area throughout the day.

Pandas – ages 2-3 years

The children in this room are in an established nursery routine which offers a little bit more structure than the younger rooms as we feel the children are emotionally ready for this. This room is a lot of free flow between construction, physical, mark making, role play, sand/water and messy play. The children tend to drop their sleep in this room, however some of the younger children will still sleep after lunch. There is also a small toilet and potties available for the children to toilet train in this room. Children have a larger outdoor area to explore with a mud kitchen, water wall, construction area, sand and mark making as well as physical activities.

Polars -Preschool ages 3-5 years

This room helps to prepare children for their educational journey through school. The children learn through experiences such as life cycles with caterpillars watching them transform to butterflies and eggs to chicks. Our Early Years Coordinator works in this room and is passionate about her role in ensuring the children are developing and gain amazing experiences to build their skills. We hope that laying all of the foundations for the children to not only learn but have fun whilst doing so will help to prepare them for school and enjoy their time through their educational process. Children in this room sit in the dining room for meals and self serve which gives them the independence to choose for themselves.

Telephone: 0191 2644414